Recordings from Irene Moon and the Begonia Society

Begonia Society Recordings
title year format type label
Scientifically Speaking with Irene Moon 1997 Vinyl 10 inch Begonia Society
Floralaldehyde 1998 Vinyl 12 inch Begonia Society
Grooming Casualties 2001 CDr mini Begonia Society
Suplico #3 2001 CS Gods of Tundra
Grooming Casualties / phylum forver split 2002 CS split grel
Bofered By Crickets - Stalking Shekinah comp 2002 CDr comp The White Rose Network
Entomelodical Opportunities 2004 radio Begonia Society
For the Neonate 2004 Vinyl 10 inch Begonia Society
The Neithers 2004 CS Begonia Society
Pangolin Variations 2004 CDr Mukow Productions
Dentist Auk / Ortho split 2004 Vinyl 7 inch, split Ignivomous
Flightless For Candy - Windpipe Moods comp 2004 CD comp Mukow Productions
Neither - Soundtrack To Infinity comp 2005 CD comp WFMU
Big Digits / Darker Florida split 2006 CS split Deathbomb Arc Tape Club
Mudboy / Auk Theatre split 2006 CS Dutch Beer / Bread and Animals
History Of Darker Florida Volume II 2006 CS The White Rose Network
Go Away Dreadful Creature - Women Take Back The Noise comp 2006 CD comp UBUIBI
Bat Auk - I Don’t Think The Dirt Belongs To The Grass comp 2006 CD comp Carbon Records
Collection of the Late Howell Bend/ Warmer Milks split 2007 Vinyl 12 inch Begonia Society
History Of Darker Florida Volume I 2007 CS Tin Cans And Twine
Auk Theatre / The Collection Of The Late Howell Bend split 2008 CS split Taped Sounds
Pitter Patter Treat 2008 CS Friends And Relatives Records
Diamonds 2009 CS Shark Bite Tapes
Triffles And True Trifles 2009 CDr Carbon Records
A Host for Ohters 2009 CS The White Rose Network
Tuberculosis Ward 2009 CS Celebrity Sex Tapes
Those Eyes Are Apples - People Skills comp 2009 CS comp Cryptic Carousel Records, Tin Cans and Twine
Centrifuge Heart Sonicator - Zelphabet vol. I 2009 CD comp Zelphabet
Feld - Resonant Hole: Volume One comp 2009 CD comp Rampart Tapes, Mountaain
Beasts For While 2010 Vinyl 11 inch Ownness Records
Dead And Invited You Inside 2010 CS Rampart Tapes
Long Fields 2010 Vinyl Ownness
Bitter Ballads 2010 Vinyl 7 inch Hollow Bunny Records
Women are Magic 2011 CS Hollow Bunny Records
Killer - Fart Filet comp 2011 CD comp Wheelchair Full Of Old Men
Go Away Dreadful Creature - Delirious Music For Delirious People comp 2011 CD comp NO PART OF IT
Lets Talk Science 2012 Radio Begonia Society
Bakers Dozen - M - The Thirteenth Letter compilation 2013 CD comp WFMU
Ten Phases of Fallen 2013 Vinyl Nihilist
shadow’s last night: 50th anniversary of the cassette comp 2013 CS comp The White Rose Network
Pocket Gopher - Speak Unless Spoken To compilation 2017 CD comp WFMU
Macrotheater 2023 Online video A 5-Minute Hour
Antenna Alley 2024 Radio radio WFMU